The Power of Color – Magenta

What’s in a color?

I need lots of light and color in my life. It affects my energy level. My sense of harmony and balance are affected too, and when my clothes or home accessories don’t “match”,  I’m uncomfortable.

Colors are strategically used in advertising to cause us to feel something, to make us want a product or service.  Color is how our brains discern objects as our eyes absorb shades of light.  Most of all, color is God’s expression in creation. His covenant rainbow is the sun’s white light hitting earth’s atmosphere, each shade then displayed in refracted splendor. It is the promise of the Father projected to the whole wide world.

In choosing colors to represent 21st Century Woman, I have been increasingly drawn to Magenta. You will see lots of the components of Magenta in our communications with you. Its mix of hues is rich and strong.  Like the Holy Spirit, this color has boldness and mystery, and we are drawn into its depth.  To me, it represents the power of US – the women of God together, changing the world.  I will be talking more about Magenta, and the power of US, so check back soon…

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