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JUST RELEASED: Updated edition of The Call of God to the 21st Century Woman – the God Who Sees Me” by Angie Connor Hicks.  Click for  MORE info and to order.

Angie continues walking in the call of God that has been on her life from a young age, encouraging and empowering others to be all that God means for them to be. Join her in the journey through prayer, meetings and events, and financial support.

Angie is an inspirational speaker, teacher and singer. She also holds an office with the global organization Faithworks International under the umbrella of TMCI (The Missionary Church International) as a Bishop, where she is centrally involved in TMCI Women of Destiny.

21st Century Woman focuses on reaching today’s women and encouraging them to lead a Holy Spirit-filled life.



Dale Hicks, husband, dearest friend, co-founder of Faithworks International,  went home to be with the Lord in December of 2016. Angie continues in the work and ministry God has called and anointed her for.

Dale and Angie Hicks have had an anointed teaching and healing ministry around the world. Co-founders of Faithworks Ministries International, they are best known for ministering the Word and operating in the gifts of the Spirit at conferences, crusades, in churches and on television. Both Dale and Angie grew up in solid, Bible-based churches, are balanced and grounded.

Angie has ministered in over 800 concerts as a speaker, singer and songwriter, to US and Allied Service members and other ministry venues in over 30 nations. They ministered together in many other settings as well, including crusades, churches, corporate groups and television.

The amazing, exciting journey continues as Angie goes forward in fulfilling the call and purpose of God on her life.

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