The Call of God to the 21st Century Woman – the God Who Sees Me – Updated, New Release

Have you ever felt insignificant or forgotten? Have you ever let circumstances convince you that God, if he exists, has abandoned you? In The Call of God to the 21st Century Woman – the God Who Sees Me, Angie Connor Hicks helps us find answers in our search for significance by taking us back to an ancient world of desert patriarchs and pagan kings, of angelic visitations and an invisible God who sees, and miracles happen.  She tells the story of Hagar, an Egyptian maid who is the first person to name this unknown God.

Angie weaves this true story of the nomadic beginnings of Abraham, father of the two oldest dynasties in human history, the Jewish and Muslim nations, with her own true story of hearing God’s voice and leaving her homeland, to go to Cold War Europe and follow her destiny.

This easy-to-read inspirational book is dense with stories and answers to your deepest heart-cry; to know a God who sees you, to find your place, and make your mark in the world.

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